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The best mentorship helping teens, young adults, & student-athletes transition into adulthood.

“Champs and Success is focusing on the foundations – the young people who are the building blocks for a better tomorrow.” – Keonna Farmer

Do you know a student Athlete?

If so what do you think their chances of going pro are?

Do you know a teen or young adult who is ambitious but need a next step guide to secure a high-paying career or start a business? 

Well, I am here to tell you that only 1% of athletes go pro. Next, a  high percentage of student-athletes are unsure of their next steps after college and enter adulthood broke after 4 long years of hard work. 

Lastly, there are very lucrative and high-paying careers for ambitious young people and resources to help them start a business!

DON’T FEAR. Champs and Success is here to help both student-athletes and young adults with their next steps!

Aiming to provide them with accessible and attainable resources.

Creating a better future for teens, young adults, and student-athletes 

Just like in school and sports, winning as a teen and young adult takes guidance, practice, repetition, strategies, and tools which is what we provide!

Providing the tools, strategies, and framework to reach your goals! 

Welcome to the C5-Orange Logo court where the name of the game is a success.

Meet Your Mentor

Dr. Keonna Farmer M.S., Hon. Ph.D.

Award -Winning Ex Athlete | Consultant | Community Organizer

Dr. Keonna Farmer M.S., Hon. Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Keonna! I’m the A-Sun conference newcomer of the year, a Nike & athletic award-winning all-star champion, and BRAINZ magazine-executive contributor, & I’ve taken my expertise to the TEDx stage as a presenter.

I’ve made appearances on Netflix & have been featured in many business and media outlets. Due to my endeavors, success, and community involvement, I have gained public and professional respect. 

As a forward-thinking, thought-provoking, multi-dimensional visionary woman, I have worked a great deal in many fields that have contributed to my foundation.

Over the last 9 years, I’ve worked as a consultant, teacher, mentor, athletic coach, model, and in non-profit & finances. Along with this, I have worked with exclusive people, companies, and celebrities.

I have a Master’s in Adult & Continuing Education, a Bachelor’s in Communication Management, & countless Continuing Education Certifications.

I am the youngest person in school history at Trinity International University of Ambassadors School of Business, honored with an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration because of my community service impact and entrepreneurial success. 

This vision of connecting mentorship, sports, & influence, was birthed from me seeing a problem and wanting to be a solution by using my gifts. 

Now you know enough about me, let’s talk about how I can help you!

Number 5

 I focus on 5 core areas:



Career Development

Personal Growth


Keonna Farmer

The parents, principals, coaches, and directors who children, students, teens, young adults, or athletes need innovative strategic life coaching and mentoring, that leads to impactful transformations!

The young adults, teens, and athletes who need strategic life coaching and mentoring to help them succeed!

  • Those with no support & inconsistent motivation.
  • Those who are first-generation business owners or college students 
  • Those who need life after high school guidance, career guidance, and college guidance 
  • Those who are not sure if they want to attend college or want to drop out but want to be successful or decided not to attend and want to start a business. 
  • Those who want to attend college or are in college but want to own a successful business also
  • Those who do not understand credit or have no credit.
  • Those who are ready to discover themselves, their purpose, and their identity. 
  • Those who want to increase their personal development skills.
  • Those who want to learn, get better, and meet others like them.
  • Those who need a positive support system, need a mentor and need strategic help from someone who is relatable and understands them.
  • Those who want to be coached to success.
  • Young adults and student- athletes will build their confidence, improve their time management, communications, and public speaking skills. 
  • Young adults and students-athlete will learn how to create a profitable brand & business.
  • Young adults and student- athletes will receive career guidance to help them choose a profitable career.
  • Young adults and student-athletes will have the personal growth strategies needed to reach success.
  • Young adults and student-athletes will build a strong mindset needed to thrive in adulthood. 
  • Young adults and student-athletes will learn how to establish credit, rebuild their credit, & how to manage finances plus more.
  • Young adults and student-athletes will learn how to properly network to build their tribe and support system needed to create success.

Aside from my background, experience, and credentials, the Champs and success is unique because as a coach I think about the young adults’ and student-athletes’ all-around success! 

I know you wondering “Well Keonna the 5 pillars focus on the keys to success so, what exactly does this mean?” put a picture wondering like hmmm or my # 5 logo for when it says the 5 core pillars 

I know that most of my mentees and students will have a well-trusted adult around them that will be a part of big decisions for them, so I strive to make sure everyone is knowledgeable to increase the teen, young adult & student-athlete success rates.

I assist the well-trusted adult, by providing athletic consulting & parental consulting via 1 on 1 service and workshops to help parents make quality decisions regarding their kid’s futures rather it’s for athletics or non-athletic needs. 

This is crucial, considering athletes now have the new rules such as the NIL and the new transfer rule, along with the shift in society for those who do not play sports. 

Parents are battling against rap music, the media, social media, & TV for their child attention while raising them to be successful adults. 

Some of the biggest challenges teens, young adults, and student-athletes have is 

  • Not having at least $5k saved up to help with moving early in adulthood, or after college, can put a burden on them and their family
  • Not having good credit which burdens everyone for car buying, apartment shopping, or attempting to move or get a credit card. 
  • Not having a job secured early in adulthood or post-college graduation, nor having a good quality network of people in their phones. No, I’m not talking friends, but an actual network of quality professionals. 
  • Not having a clear plan for adulthood or a job secured after college, leads to depression & makes them feel like college is a waste or that they chose the wrong degree. 

My programs are research, evidence, and experience-based, and are accessible to those that require accommodations. 

Keonna Farmer

I have an innovative intake process to assess your specific needs to be sure I serve and address your specific needs. 

I don’t teach traditional methods and give traditional knowledge…BORINGGGG.. Instead, I teach through creative methods and give you the REAL that will help you immediately start succeeding. What I teach isn’t google based.

My program was created by me, an educator, and not just put together, so, therefore, this program was created based on top tier standards and created with different learning styles in mind for educational diversity and inclusion to best serve all mentees. 

I use a reflective, collaborative, integrative, and inquiry-based approach to best serve and teach everyone involved…in shorter terms, I use various methods to help you retain and apply the information I give you!

Plus you have a mentor who is experienced, successful, and relatable to you and can understand you!-Which is me! How cool?

Champs and Success Logo

What does quality mentorship do?

When we support the growth and empowerment of younger people we raise the quality of life for everyone. This is because when they are well-rounded they not only run a successful business or become key decision-makers for major corporations but they become a force in their community, they improve the quality of life for their children, and they give voice to the crucial world and community issues.

Truth is that a degree doesn’t equate to an automatic job, and yes sometimes you might get a job in one field that your degree isn’t in.

If your child isn’t attending college no worries, I still know firsthand what is needed for them to be successful and strategies for you to best support them! 

If you are a parent or guardian who needs some guidance or advice from an experienced person for your young adult now and future, college choice, or the possibility of transferring then you are in the right place. 

If you are a parent, coach, or guardian who needs advice for your student-athlete regarding, their now, future, college choice, the possibility of transferring, or you need help navigating the new NIL rule then you have come to the right place. 

If your child isn’t pursuing college, no worries, I will still be able to assist you. 

The great news is that if you are reading this and you are a young adult or student-athlete you can book for yourself.

Life is a journey, & it’s all about how to navigate and pivot to make yourself happy while making good sound decisions.

Let’s see how I can help you reach success 

Mentoring and 1 on 1

Let`s Partner

As a major step towards supporting teens, young adults, and student-athletes of the future, Champs & Success want to partner with schools and colleges to provide student-athletes and young adults with training programs that will help them develop a strategic career path, soft skills, their mindset, leadership skills, networking skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial expertise.

I 100% recommend working with Keonna and I 100% support her.

Chris Davis

Brand Ambassador

What Keonna farmer is doing for student-athletes and young adults is immaculate. 

Being an athlete and seeing the new rules and changes and how lost athletes were and still are after sports, the things she offers will make a tremendous difference for the now and future of student-athletes and young adults in their life after sports and college.

After seeing Keonna work with student-athletes and young adults and seeing the transformations she made for them, I 100% recommend working with Keonna and I 100% support her.

Chris Davis – Former Auburn Corner Back and San Diego Chargers Corner Back

from Mentees

Larriah N
Read More
Keonna has provided me with knowledge that will not only grow my business but me. Through her teachings, strategies and examples Keonna has elevated my business. The information she provide is everlasting and interchangeable. I will definitely use the information received during this boot camp in other entrepreneurial aspects. Keonna is reliable and she offers essential information needed for personal development, financial literacy, and business development.
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Hey Keonna, I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything. I’m so excited about this year... I see the growth already. Everything we discussed during our last call are in the process of happening! From the day we started communicating you were always so compassionate and willing to help educate! I remembered attending the free zoom workshop you had last year, the information you gave out for FREE helped me put so many things in perspective. We still have some ways to go, but I’m grateful to have your guidance and support!!! Thank you for always being so encouraging during times I needed it the most! Thank you for being so understanding and generous! You’re truly amazing, and I’m happy to have you along this journey!
Read More
Definitely love Ms.Keonna! Great mentor! An excellent motivator! Her class was 100% worth it I learned a lot and look forward to continuing working with her!
Jaida Pam
Read More
I really liked the workshop. To start off, it was something more than just a boring lecture. It helped me learn how I can better myself even when I’m not working or putting together my business. I was able to put myself on a schedule and keep productive throughout the day and learn to handle my responsibilities first. The workshop was engaging and fun at the same time. I can’t wait till I get the chance to attend another one and thank you very much.
Gabby Mbakwe
Gabby Mbakwe
Mother of a 5 star football recruit, and state champion Jaylen Mbakwe
Read More
I gained adequate knowledge on the financial aspect of college for athletes. Keonna was very knowledgeable about the many different financial sources available. The information is very helpful. It’s always great to hear information from an outside source that doesn’t have any affiliation with the college. Not only did Keonna provide information on monetary options available she provided multiple life skill ideas as well as information on how to present yourself as an athlete because of the outlook others have on athletes.
Sandra Daniel
Mother of one of my mentees
Read More
As a parent full of knowledge and wisdom that shares this information with my child, I understand the importance of having a mentor while navigating through life. A mentor that is unbiased and not related to the mentee. After having an amazing experience with Keonna Farmer and her company, I knew her mentoring services will be even more amazing. Long story short, I was correct. Keonna created an experience of a lifetime for my child. I don't know what Keonna program entailed because my child was enrolled and not me, However I do know that it was powerful. The drive, motivation, and the joy that my child received during and after working with Keonna is unmatched. To hear my child share with me their appreciation for enrolling them in the program was heart warming. "Thank you Mom for investing in me." were the words of my child. After the program the actions that my child took were impressive. My child is an advanced student who have excelled even further since Keonna's mentorship program. Thank you Keonna for delivering such a premium service to our family. We can only wait to enroll our next child.
Wahketta Davis
Mother of one of my mentees
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Keonna Farmer is great! Great Personality and is a very great mentor & just an all around great lady. Definitely a beautiful young lady I will love my daughter to always look up to. She runs an all girls one day convention through her community work and we have attended every year and took something away from it every time, from things about living your truth, building a business, dealing with bullying, and being confident about yourself as a young lady. What she does for not only my child but other young girls is amazing and she has so much more to do and I know she is going to continue to make young girls better and believe more in their self. The greatest thing about her is her passion it really shows in all of her mentorships that this is what she was born to do. We love you and continue to shine bright and lead the young ladies behind you to a great future. Thank you for all you do.
Joiya Pam
Mother of one my mentees
Read More
Thank you Keonna for the amazing business workshop you put together for our young girls and the passion and dedication behind it. JAIDA learned so many things and as a result has started her own business which is doing very well. You have proven to really be a jewel to the community and especially to the young black girls in our community giving them the tools they need to be successful. If I could describe you in 3 words it would be motivated, ambitious, and consistent.

from Parents

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