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Our 90-minute mentoring strategy session is designed to help you unlock your next level and achieve your goals.

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The Game-Changing 90-Minute Mentoring Strategy Session

Coach Farmer is an athlete’s strategist, mentor, and connector, and she is committed to helping you reach your full potential.

During our session, which can be done via zoom or in-person (if applicable), we will work together to solve one specific need by creating a mini-detailed strategic, implementation, and evaluation plan using Coach Farmer’s signature framework: one move, smart move, next move. We will help you identify and implement the right strategies to achieve your goals.

After our session, you will receive a mini-detailed strategic, implementation, and evaluation plan within 5 business days via email. You will also receive a recording of our session to review and reflect on.



  • up to 90-minutes in a mentoring strategy session with Coach Farmer
  • Can be done via Zoom or in person (if applicable)
  • Mini-detailed strategic, implementation, and evaluation plan using Coach Farmer’s signature framework: one move, smart move, next move
  • Semi-in-depth analysis of your past, present, and future 
  • Mini-detailed strategic, implementation, and evaluation plan delivered within 5 business days via email
  • Recording of the session provided for review and reflection



  • Unlock your next level and achieve your goals with the help of Coach Farmer’s expertise
  • Focus on solving one specific need during the session
  • A personalized strategic plan tailored to your unique situation
  • Implement the right strategies to achieve your goals
  • Receive a detailed plan within 5 business days to guide your next steps
  • Have a recording of the session for future reference and review



  • A clear understanding of your specific needs and how to address them
  • An actionable plan to achieve your goals
  • Improved focus and direction in your athletic pursuits
  • Increased confidence and motivation to succeed
  • A stronger relationship with Coach Farmer as your mentor and strategist 

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Parents Testimonials

Gabby Mbakwe
Gabby Mbakwe
Mother of a 5 star football recruit, and state champion Jaylen Mbakwe
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I gained adequate knowledge on the financial aspect of college for athletes. Keonna was very knowledgeable about the many different financial sources available. The information is very helpful. It’s always great to hear information from an outside source that doesn’t have any affiliation with the college. Not only did Keonna provide information on monetary options available she provided multiple life skill ideas as well as information on how to present yourself as an athlete because of the outlook others have on athletes.
Sandra Daniel
Mother of one of our mentees
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As a parent full of knowledge and wisdom that shares this information with my child, I understand the importance of having a mentor while navigating through life. A mentor that is unbiased and not related to the mentee. After having an amazing experience with Keonna Farmer and her company, I knew her mentoring services will be even more amazing. Long story short, I was correct. Keonna created an experience of a lifetime for my child. I don't know what Keonna program entailed because my child was enrolled and not me, However I do know that it was powerful. The drive, motivation, and the joy that my child received during and after working with Keonna is unmatched. To hear my child share with me their appreciation for enrolling them in the program was heart warming. "Thank you Mom for investing in me." were the words of my child. After the program the actions that my child took were impressive. My child is an advanced student who have excelled even further since Keonna's mentorship program. Thank you Keonna for delivering such a premium service to our family. We can only wait to enroll our next child.

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