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Helping teens, young adults, and student-athletes transition into adulthood and become successful champions. 

“Champs and Success is focusing on the foundations – the young people who are the building blocks for a better tomorrow” – Keonna Farmer


To help young adults and student-athletes generate wealth through six-figure corporate positions, credit & entrepreneurship.


2-month Entrepreneurship Mentorship

  • Identify your target audience
  • Define and strengthen your brand, including your visuals, messaging, and alignment
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Understand business etiquette and business ethics
  • Create your go-to-market strategy for online, offline, and social media
  • Create your sales strategy
  • Learn how to properly network to build success and make money
  • Learn how to build your business credit and fund your business
  • Learn how to build your credit, fix your credit, and increase and manage your finances
  • Enjoy quick wins and transformations that lead to long term wins

Financial Literacy, Credit, & Money Management

I address more than “financial literacy” when educating to make an impact and help you get results.
  • Learn how to use credit, build your credit and fix it if needed
  • Learn how to manage your money and use banking properly
  • Learn how to break poverty through money and finances
  • Learn how to invest and grow your money and finances
  • Money skill development exercises and project-based learning
  • Gain financial knowledge, build a wealthy mindset and learn high achieving money behavior

2-month Personal Growth and Mindset Empowerment

  • Learn how to build a positive mindset and attract success through mindset empowerment
  • Learn how to properly and strategic set short term and long-term goals and reach them
  • Learn how to become accountable and responsible
  • Improve your decision-making skills
  • Improve your soft skills (communication skills, public speaking, time management)
  • Learn how to discover and develop your talents and purpose
  • Build and discover your identity and increase your confidence
  • Become educated on sexual awareness and positive dating habits
  • Create quick transformations that lead to long term growth

Roadmap to a Six-Figure Corporate Career

No College or Trade School Required
  • Discovery of career paths and high paying skillsets
  • Interview skills and techniques plus resume development
  • How to be successful in the virtual workplace (working from home)
  • How to utilize LinkedIn and social media to land a new career
  • Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace
  • Understanding unique workplace benefits such as unlimited paid time off
  • Goal Setting for career advancement
  • Effective networking and communication
  • How to find a corporate mentor
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1 on 1 Personalized Growth Program

Custom Individualized Growth Plan is a 1-year plan designed to help my mentees with their unique & custom needs. The process begins with an evaluation that shows the mentee's strengths, challenges, parent concerns, and mentee concerns.
  • Discuss parental and young adult concerns & co-work with parents for feedback (if needed) I will help improve the mentee self-awareness and confidence
  • I will help the mentee develop and set your short-term, long-term goals, & annual focus points
  • I will help the mentee develop a strategic plan to reach these goals and teach you how to track progress
  • I will teach the mentee how to use their strengths to the best of their ability
  • The process begins with an evaluation that shows the mentee's strengths, challenges, parent concerns, and mentee concerns.
  • The mentee will receive an in-depth personalized 1-year growth plan with special instructions, support needed, and services needed to thrive and reach their goals and success.

Monthly Strategic Life Coaching

Maybe you don't need these services but need general life coaching and guidance. You need an outlet, with positive influences, and someone to speak to monthly that understands you. Maybe you need to overcome something that happened, or you have a big transition right now, that you need help with.

Parents Testimonials

Gabby Mbakwe
Gabby Mbakwe
Mother of a 5 star football recruit, and state champion Jaylen Mbakwe
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I gained adequate knowledge on the financial aspect of college for athletes. Keonna was very knowledgeable about the many different financial sources available. The information is very helpful. It’s always great to hear information from an outside source that doesn’t have any affiliation with the college. Not only did Keonna provide information on monetary options available she provided multiple life skill ideas as well as information on how to present yourself as an athlete because of the outlook others have on athletes.
Sandra Daniel
Mother of one of my mentees
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As a parent full of knowledge and wisdom that shares this information with my child, I understand the importance of having a mentor while navigating through life. A mentor that is unbiased and not related to the mentee. After having an amazing experience with Keonna Farmer and her company, I knew her mentoring services will be even more amazing. Long story short, I was correct. Keonna created an experience of a lifetime for my child. I don't know what Keonna program entailed because my child was enrolled and not me, However I do know that it was powerful. The drive, motivation, and the joy that my child received during and after working with Keonna is unmatched. To hear my child share with me their appreciation for enrolling them in the program was heart warming. "Thank you Mom for investing in me." were the words of my child. After the program the actions that my child took were impressive. My child is an advanced student who have excelled even further since Keonna's mentorship program. Thank you Keonna for delivering such a premium service to our family. We can only wait to enroll our next child.

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