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As a major step towards supporting teens, young adults, and student-athletes of the future, Champs & Success want to partner with schools and colleges to provide student-athletes and young adults with training programs that will help them develop a strategic career path, soft skills, their mindset, leadership skills, networking skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial expertise.

It is imperative that we institute a partnership to develop programming that supports student-athletes and young adults during the major transition from high school to adulthood, and college to adulthood to increase their ability to make good choices in everyday life and provide them with a visible path toward success while using sports and other resources as a vehicle.

Problems young adults and student-Athletes face are:

If you want your student-athletes and young adults to strategically be prepared for their next steps to win at adulthood, and reach success then you must invest early in their future, or you risk them failing at adulthood early on.

Many live in a system and a circumstance where people are constantly making decisions for them, and they need people to champion programming that will help them understand the importance of the responsible use of their self-sufficiency to make decisions that will change their long-term circumstances. 

As a previous stand-out national student-athlete who has accomplished a lot by using sports as a vehicle, I designed my services specifically with the student-athlete and young adult in mind. My services are experience-based, and research-based with some parts developed around top-tier standards, with a pedagogy focus on reflective, collaborative, and inquiry-based approaches. I provide educational resources that provide high-quality control and practical lessons. 

Book Champs & Success for workshops, partnerships, and speaking engagements

Champs and Success is grounded in research-based educational methodology & real-world applications.

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Because all teens, student-athletes, and young adults are different & learn differently, I offer on-site training solutions, virtual training solutions, and online self-paced solutions.

My solutions also include EXCLUSIVE TRANSFORMING add-on offers, that are exclusively for our partners!

Training & Workshops

Whether you’re looking for a one-time custom workshop to address a specific growth area or a fully managed training program for the entire team, I have the solution for you. 

Training Topics Include

Dr. Keonna Farmer, M.S., Hon. Ph.D

Need An Expert Speaker?


Rather you need a speaker or facilitator for your sporting event, youth event, or organization?

Hire Dr. Keonna Farmer, M.S., Hon. Ph.D.

Speaking engagements can be done live or virtually.

Chris Davis
Chris Davis
Former Auburn Corner Back and San Diego Chargers Corner Back
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What Keonna farmer is doing for student-athletes and young adults is immaculate. Being an athlete and seeing the new rules and changes and how lost athletes were and still are after sports, the things she offers will make a tremendous difference for the now and future of student-athletes and young adults in their life after sports and college. After seeing Keonna work with student-athletes and young adults and seeing the transformations she made for them, I 100% recommend working with Keonna and I 100% support her.



Keonna Farmer
Joshua Young
Joshua Young
Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Support Services University of Alabama at Birmingham
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To this day, I have not encountered a former student-athlete with as much drive as Keonna Farmer. This young woman has amassed countless accomplishments since I have known her. During her collegiate career, she maintained a high level of academic success while also finding the time to serve her community, through ventures like the Miracle League and the Ronald McDonald House. Keonna is an absolute visionary! She has the ability to create a detailed vision and then execute the plan precisely. I would 100% recommend Keonna to mentor young- adults and student-athletes. After graduating from UAB, she worked in the Student-Athlete Support Services unit as a mentor/learning assistant. She was able to apply all of the skills that she learned as a student-athlete and assisted incoming student-athletes who struggled academically. It has been a joy watching her grow from a studious scholar athlete to a business owner, mentor, and leader in the community. One thing I think makes Keonna different from others as a mentor, is that Keonna is able to find a way to relate to almost everyone that she encounters, which makes for a great mentor/mentee relationship. I would describe Keonna as Relentless, Passionate, Innovative.
Darrick Gibbs
Darrick Gibbs
Head Women’s Basketball Coach at the University of North Florida
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Keonna works hard and puts in the time and effort into what she believes in. She has a personality that people gravitate to, and she is always leading by example. She is passionate and determined to be successful. In her quest for success that she has been dedicated to having an impact on young lives. She has committed herself to helping young women grow and develop into confident individuals. I have seen Keonna take great ideas that she is passionate about and lay the foundation to making them a reality. All of those things have a common theme around having a positive impact on young people. I would recommend Keonna to mentor young adults and student-athletes. Her loyalty and passion for people and what she do she sets her apart from others.

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