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About The Founder

Dr. Keonna Farmer M.S., Hon. Ph.D.

Award -Winning Ex Athlete | Consultant | Community Organizer

Dr. Keonna Farmer M.S., Hon. Ph.D.

An expert in helping clients and mentees solve critical problems that lead to strategic and impactful transformations.

Keonna Farmer is a highly sought-out forward-thinking and thought-provoking consultant, mentor, and young visionary who has transformed the meaning of “young and restless” and taken it to a new level by pouring my heart, desire, and passion into preparing young adults and student-athletes to transition into adulthood and reach success, while helping clients solve critical problems. 

She believes firmly that free and available resources do not always equate accessible and attainable, so she makes it her duty to provide her clients and mentees with the essential resources needed to grow their bottom line, improve their quality of life, reach success, and overall solve their problems. 

Her portfolio reveals a woman capable of results and transformations from consulting and mentoring hundreds of people and raising thousands for her community. This has led her to receive upper ratings as a mentor, consultant, and educator from evaluations and student surveys. 

Keonna`s Values






Keonna`s Values

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A Message From Keonna

As someone who has gained public and professional respect for my endeavors, success, and community involvement, I strive daily to uphold my values. I value education, leadership, empowerment, mentorship, and support. Using my gifts and talents, I aim to serve as a thought leader who empowers others, inspires innovative ideas, & promotes forward-thinking. I aim to provide educational resources, solutions, and knowledge that will support equity for teen girls, young adults, student-athletes, local communities, business owners, and others. This is intended to prepare them for a fulfilling, well-rounded life and win at adulthood. 

My Stance on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As an educator and businesswoman, I have long been committed to diversity, and recognize the barriers faced by women and other minorities. In response to this commitment, I remained steadfast and intentional that my organizations and businesses centered people and their experiences first. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are at the core of how I lead and empower, and this commitment is unwavering—across all ventures. I am committed to continuous learning, acknowledging impact, and taking a solutions-based approach to systemic inequities girls and women interact with daily. I believe in fostering the kind of culture that is inclusive as it is essential in achieving deconstructing historical inequities marginalized communities face daily

"Using my gifts and talents, I aim to serve as a thought leader who empowers others, inspires innovative ideas, & who promotes forward-thinking. "

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