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Message from Center Point, AL Mayor about our founder Ms. Keonna Farmer and her work with young girls and teens in the city of Center Point:

“For the short time I’ve been Mayor of the city of Center Point, AL Ms. Farmer has been instrumental in her work with the city’s youth. I’ve been to multiple events that she’s hosted that showcases her desire and motivation to create change in a positive manner when it comes to young women. This is exactly what is needed in a number of cities around the country, and I am very fortunate to have her skills and knowledge available to me and my residents. I look forward to continuing a fruitful relationship with Ms. Farmer for the betterment of our community. Thank you!”

Mayor Bobby Scott

Shurman L. Riggins
Kimbro Success Academy, CEO & Founder, Riggins Coaching Institute, CEO & Founder From The Leadership Academy For Young Men, Executive Director
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Keonna is someone everyone needs on their Team because she is a rarity of a strong leader and a team player in one. She demonstrates knowledge beyond her years exhibited by her ability to bring people together in a joint effort to accomplish the goals set before them and not lose herself in the mix of things. She is cool-headed and calm under pressure allowing her to make excellent and the best decisions for the situation. I would describe Keonna as intelligent, persistent, decisive, adaptive, strong, confident, & insightful
Chris Davis
Chris Davis
Former Auburn Corner Back and San Diego Chargers Corner Back
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What Keonna farmer is doing for student-athletes and young adults is immaculate. Being an athlete and seeing the new rules and changes and how lost athletes were and still are after sports, the things she offers will make a tremendous difference for the now and future of student-athletes and young adults for their life after sports and college. After seeing Keonna work with student-athletes and young adults and seeing the transformations she made for them, I 100% recommend working with Keonna and I 100% support her.
Darrick Gibbs
Head Women’s Basketball Coach at University of North Florida
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Keonna works hard and puts in the time and effort into what she believes in. She has a personality that people gravitate to, and she is always leading by example. She is passionate and determined to be successful. In her quest for success that she has been dedicated to having an impact on young lives. She has committed herself to helping young women grow and develop into confident individuals. I have seen Keonna take great ideas that she is passionate about and lay the foundation to making them a reality. All of those things have a common theme around having a positive impact on young people. I would recommend Keonna to mentor young adults and student-athletes. Her loyalty and passion for people and what she do she sets her apart from others.
Sandra Daniels
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As a parent full of knowledge and wisdom that shares this information with my child, I understand the importance of having a mentor while navigating through life. A mentor that is unbiased and not related to the mentee. After having an amazing experience with Keonna Farmer and her company, I knew her mentoring services will be even more amazing. Long story short, I was correct. Keonna created an experience of a lifetime for my child. I don't know what Keonna program entailed because my child was enrolled and not me, However I do know that it was powerful. The drive, motivation, and the joy that my child received during and after working with Keonna is unmatched. To hear my child share with me their appreciation for enrolling them in the program was heart warming. "Thank you Mom for investing in me." were the words of my child. After the program the actions that my child took were impressive. My child is an advanced student who have excelled even further since Keonna's mentorship program. Thank you Keonna for delivering such a premium service to our family. We can only wait to enroll our next child.
JoVanka J Ward
MAT Health & Driver and Traffic Safety Education Instructor Head Women's Basketball Coach AT Ramsay IB High School and founder & Executive director of Alabama Heat Elite Exposure Basketball
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Keonna is a Go Getter! A visionary with a heart for young women! A strong leader who models the characteristic of excellence for those she leads. I have the pleasure of knowing Keonna as a young athlete and now a young adult. She has always had a strong work ethic and quiet strength. She's always been mature and intelligent. I've known her to be a constant learner and always eager to be a budding entrepreneur. She has a bright future and a lot to offer young women, especially those who have similar aspirations. Her experiences as a student and an athlete have equipped her to lead, mentor and guide individuals as well as groups. As mentioned previously, I don't recall a time when Keonna has not been on a quest to learn and self-improve. That attribute for being thirsty for knowledge has allowed her to stay on a path of constant growth. 1 thing that makes Keonna different from others as a mentor is that she is fearless! Mature and ambitious. Willing to speak up and professionally present, seek and conquer her goals! I would describe Keonna as Ambitious, Mature & Confident Founder & Executive Director.
Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Support Services University of Alabama at Birmingham
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To this day, I have not encountered a former student-athlete with as much drive as Keonna Farmer. This young woman has amassed countless accomplishments since I have known her. During her collegiate career, she maintained a high level of academic success while also finding the time to serve her community, through ventures like the Miracle League and the Ronald McDonald House. Keonna is an absolute visionary! She has the ability to create a detailed vision and then execute the plan precisely. I would 100% recommend Keonna to mentor young- adults and student-athletes. After graduating from UAB, she worked in the Student-Athlete Support Services unit as a mentor/learning assistant. She was able to apply all of the skills that she learned as a student-athlete and assisted incoming student-athletes who struggled academically. It has been a joy watching her grow from a studious scholar athlete to a business owner, mentor, and leader in the community. One thing I think makes Keonna different from others as a mentor, is that Keonna is able to find a way to relate to almost everyone that she encounters, which makes for a great mentor/mentee relationship. I would describe Keonna as Relentless, Passionate, Innovative.
Wahketta DavisMother of one of my mentees
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Keonna Farmer is great! Great Personality and is a very great mentor & just an all around great lady. Definitely a beautiful young lady I will love my daughter to always look up to. She runs an all girls one day convention through her community work and we have attended every year and took something away from it every time, from things about living your truth, building a business, dealing with bullying, and being confident about yourself as a young lady. What she does for not only my child but other young girls is amazing and she has so much more to do and I know she is going to continue to make young girls better and believe more in their self. The greatest thing about her is her passion it really shows in all of her mentorships that this is what she was born to do. We love you and continue to shine bright and lead the young ladies behind you to a great future. Thank you for all you do.

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