Make 6-Figures
& build wealth
before age 27

Stuck trying to build your career and stuck making $15 an hour?
Let that job keep you stuck, or fight back
From Zero



You want a career, but don’t have a college degree?

You are a champ and can build wealth and secure a six-figure career with no college degree!



Young Man


From Zero


You want a career, but don’t have a college degree?

You are a champ and can build wealth and secure a six-figure career with no college degree!


Young Man


Enroll & Get Life Changing Information

Maybe you went to college and learned it wasn’t for you 

Are you a parent who teens a young adult child, and need some career and financial guidance? 

You child is ambitious but needs help figuring it out?

Is your child lost, and confused and you don’t have all these answers?

Well, you have come to the right place! The C5 court where the name of the game is a success!

I give the blueprint, strategies, and tools for teens, young adults, and student-athletes, to secure a six-figure corporate position, creatively make money, and build wealth through entrepreneurship, credit, and high-paying enjoyable corporate positions.

Enroll in a class to get life changing information!

Champs and Success’s goal is to provide you/your student-athlete and young adult with foundational building blocks for a solid future!

Our classes are taught around my signature and proven framework one move, smart move, next move.

Just like in sports, winning in adulthood takes guidance, practice, repetition, strategies, and tools which is what I provide.


I will teach you how to move smart

The benefits of these workshops are that you receive speedy information, direct answers, and the solution to your biggest problem!

You can join virtually from the comfort of your home and using your phone

By Joining the training factory, by signing up for a class, not only do you get the benefits, but you get

I Like Working With:

African American girls
young adults and teens

Committed and ambitious young adults and student-athletes, that want to create success beyond sports and school!

Dad and Son

committed parents who are serious about investing in educational consulting for their athletes or young scholar!

Young man playing basketball

I am teaching athletes to think beyond the league and overseas! Maybe you don’t go pro, but you can work for the league!

I am teaching them how to win, be champs, and build an identity outside of sports and school! 


I am creating another avenue for young adults and student-athletes for them to win and develop their identities! 

I am showing you: 

Keonna Farmer smiling

I am showing them the possibilities and the foundational building blocks needed to succeed beyond school and sports! 

Keonna Farmer

It’s Simple

I’ve been there and done that! 

I am still young (27), relatable, abreast of new trends, and used my resources and sports as a vehicle to my success and to fulfill my dreams! 

I’m Dr. Keonna Farmer, a record breaker, Nike, and award-winning athlete turned highly sought educational and sports consultant.

I am a
BRAINZ magazine-executive contributor, & I’ve taken my expertise to the TEDx stage as a presenter. I have made appearances on Netflix & have been featured in many business and media outlets. Due to my endeavors, success, and community involvement, I have gained public and professional respect leading me to be honored with an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration from Trinity International University of Ambassadors, where I am the youngest in school history to receive this honor.  

I played college basketball for Auburn, the University of  Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of North Florida, where I broke and set records, landing me a position on its Division 1 Wall of Fame. I have a communications management degree and a master’s degree in adult and continuing education.

I’m on a mission to help 1,000 teens, student-athletes, and young adults, develop a roadmap to secure a six-figure corporate position and build wealth through proper financial management, credit, and entrepreneurship.

I am on a mission to help 1,000 college athlete freshmen maximize, invest, and double their college income, which consists of Pell grant, athletic stipends, scholarships, and money earned through working and NIL deals. I am on a mission to give them to blueprint, tools, and strategies to save a minimum of $5,000 upon graduating college.

Will you be 1 of the 1,000? 

My connections and resources for you at your age, are top in the industry!

I can help those who are prepping for pro sports by helping them tap straight into family wealth building, legacy building, and community development by teaching them business buying and acquisition vs building a business from scratch.

It is important that athletes know the landscape of business, entrepreneurship, and money management.


Everything I Am teaching explaining , I Live

I am the best at taking young adults and student-athletes from confused and unprepared for adulthood, to having the foundational building blocks, and a personalized detailed plan of action to set and reach their financial, business, career, and personal growth goals.

I have mentored, consulted and coached over 200 people just like you over the last 3 years, hosted sold-out events and workshops, and consulted with business owners and celebrities. 

Keonna Farmer

Will You Be 1 of The 1 000?

Enroll today!

Not sure if you can afford this? Don’t worry, we accept sezzle!

Seats will be limited to ensure everyone gets the attention they deserve!


classes are taught around my signature and proven framework

Enrolling in these courses will give you the exact blueprint you need to reach your goals! 

See you soon in class- Dr. Keonna Farmer

Class Schedule: Lock in!

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