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Maximize your time and
build a
successful business

2 Hours of Value packed information:

Classes are led by a strong mentor, with proven strategies to ensure you have everything covered.


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Start Getting Results later immediately

Students have gotten their first product sold, knowing exactly how to win online, create a strong online presence, and increase their income in less than 30 days. Students will be able to make the necessary adjustments for the economy of today’s world.

If you are a parent whose teens, or young adult child, need some entrepreneurship guidance, this class is for them!

The benefit of this class is that you will receive information, answers, and strategies to start getting results immediately.

Enroll them today to start getting solutions!

Parents and guardians of teenage or -young adult children who are entrepreneurs and need help with speedy guidance through the entrepreneurial process

You will learn everything – from getting started to acquiring your first clients to crafting your pitch and keeping up with current trends that matter to your customers.

A Proven
Signature Framework

Our classes are taught around my signature and proven framework:

One move, Smart move, Next move.

You will receive speedy information, direct answers, and the answers to your biggest problem

My workshop is for teens, young adults and entrepreneurial minded people who want to take their business to the next level.

Counting Money
What The Students Will Learn
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Your child will receive guided and practical mentoring,  a 2-hour workshop where I teach them how to get their first customers using social media sites, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Be Stress-Free

Life is an exercise routine and teens and young adults can explore more passions without having to worry about dealing with their parents.

Be Relevant

The ability to create additional income, explore more passions, and get more fulfillment in your teen years is relevant to the masses.

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Who Am I

& What Makes Me Different ?

It’s Simple 😊

I’ve been there and done that!

I am still young (27), relatable, abreast of new trends, and used my resources and sports as a vehicle to my success and to fulfill my dreams!

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5 Awesome Tips For You

5 tips for young adults and student-athletes to network their way to success and secure a 6-figure dream job!